CARBO AIR Rope Ratchets up to 68kg

Capable of supporting almost twice as much weight than standard ratchet hangers, CarboAir Heavy Duty Rope Ratchets will hold the largest, heaviest equipment around the grow room. With a rating of 135kg per pair, they can cope with the largest filters out there.

With metal internals, you can be safe knowing the carboair heavy duty hangers can cope with the weight of your heaviest growroom components. The Rope itself is twice as thick (1/4 of an inch vs 1/8 of an inch on typical hangers) to manage the uprated weight.

These ratchets are so strong that the structure (tent bar / ceiling hook) will likely be the weak point in the secure hanging of your components. Make sure you use fixings that can cope!

The Heavy duty ratchets are really easy to use, you can tighten them by pulling the rope and they can be released via a sprung lever that locks the rope in place

To install the ratchets, connect one hook to your secure structure (The hook attached to the rope). Connect the other hook (The one attached to the block) to the equipment you intend to hang and pull the free end of rope until the equipment is at your desired height.
Do NOT exceed load limit

Avoid hot surfaces, sharp edges, abrasive surfaces or pinch points as these can damage the cord.

Disclaimer: Prices onlne may differ from those instore