Maxibright T5 Fluorescent Light (inc tubes) (4') 4 Tube

Maxibright T5 propgation light 4ft 4 way.

They Dont come much bigger than the Maxibright T5 propgation light 4ft 4 way..

T5 grow lamp technology is rapidly gaining a reputation for outstanding performance in terms of light output versus power consumed. Ideal for large scale propagation thanks to the exceptionally even spread of light that they create, both Lightwave units simply ooze quality once you get them out of the box.

Each individual tube is surrounded by a separate groove in the reflector, carefully shaped to optimise light crossover without wasting any output. These Lightwaves represent the best option for growers wishing to create a dedicated high performance vegetative growth and propagation room.

The 4 Tube Lightwave measures 119.5cm (length) x 36.5cm (width) x 6.5cm (depth) and also features two separate switches allowing you to operate the inner and outer four tubes individually.

3.1m cable

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