Vitalink Buddy 1Litre

VitaLink Buddy is packed full of phosphite, a superior
form of phosphorus. Extensive scientific trials prove
that VitaLink Buddy not only helps to enhance the
size of flowers, but also improve their quality.
• Increased potassium to nitrogen ratio to promote
heavy and larger flowers/fruits.
VitaLink Buddy increases the potassium to nitrogen ratio
in your nutrient solution. During flowering, an increase
in this ratio accelerates the reproductive processes and
encourages your plants to divert more energy to their
flowers/fruits. This boosts yield, resulting in a heavier and
larger crop.
• Optimum level of potassium and magnesium for
maximum flowering/fruiting.
VitaLink Buddy ensures an optimum level of potassium
and magnesium within the root zone. In turn, this
maximises the uptake of these essential elements to
ensure maximum flowering and fruiting results.
• Key phosphite/phosphate ratio for proven optimal
plant health.
Unlike other brands, VitaLink Buddy is rich in plantavailable phosphorus, which is called phosphite. Most
brands supply phosphorus as phosphate, but in VitaLink
Buddy you will find a delicate ratio of both. This delicate
ratio is scientifically proven to stimulate your plant’s own
pathogen defence mechanisms to prevent common plant
diseases, such as Pythium and Phytophthora.
• Key phosphite/phosphate for quicker, better results.
The key ratio of phosphite/phosphate is absorbed much
more easily by your plant’s roots than phosphate alone.
This is because phosphite contains only three oxygen
atoms, unlike phosphate which contains four atoms.
Combining both ensures quicker uptake, which means
that the impact of using VitaLink Buddy is visible quickly.
• Highly concentrated, a little goes a long way.
VitaLink Buddy is packed full of high quality potassium
and phosphorus (phosphite/phosphate ratio), which
makes it highly concentrated. All you need to use is 1ml
per litre of water. A little really does go a long way.
When should I use VitaLink Buddy?
Use VitaLink Buddy from the fourth week of flowering
or when small flowers or fruits start to develop for
bumper harvests.
Dilution rates
• Hydroponics and soil: 1ml per litre of water.
• Coir: 0.5ml per litre of water.

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